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2) The Crying of Lot 49 Dec-2011 thru Jan-2012 (a pick by Mark M) by Thomas Pynchon

1) Walden Nov-2011 thru Jan 2012 - (a pick by Mary Lou): Walden, Henry D. Thoreau

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Hello All

I am not sure if Thoreau would have approved of blogs (or cummunications like the web or twitter), but I am happy to read his book and discuss it with everyone.

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  1. "A man is rich in proportion to the number of things which he can afford to let alone."

    I really love this quote, because I think it speaks to any age about the dangers of frittering away your life on the trivial.

    It also reminds me of Wordsworths:
    "The world is too much with us; late and soon,
    Getting and spending, we lay waste our powers"
    which is the only poetry I have ever been able to remember from highschool. It is also a warning which resonated with me then - and still does. Tragically - I have not followed the advice